Alfred J Hemlock Nominated For 10 Awards at the Horror Haus Film Festival in LA

ALFRED J HEMLOCK has been nominated for a jaw-dropping 10 awards at the upcoming super incredible HorrorHaus Film Festival in Los Angeles! BEST SHORT FILM, BEST ACTOR (Tristan Mckinnon), BEST ACTRESS (Renaye Loryman), BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Christian Charisiou), BEST DIRECTOR (Edward Lyons), BEST SCREENPLAY (Edward Lyons & Melissa Lyons), BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Simon Harding), BEST DIGITAL EFFECTS, BEST MAKEUP EFFECTS (Vianna Houghton), BEST COSTUMES (Sarah Hoke). A massive thank you to the festival directors for this amazing recognition and a huge congratulations to all the cast, crew, and supporters who made this possible.

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