Alfred J Hemlock Mentioned in Videocope Magazine

We're super excited to share with you this excerpt from the leading cult movie publication VideoScope Magazine where author Joseph Perry, covering the Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival, talks about ALFRED J HEMLOCK.

"The Australian short chiller "Alfred J Hemlock" captured two Wreak Havoc awards, for Best Short Film and for Renaye Loryman's Best Actress turn as a sad, desperate young woman facing her mortality. Director Edward Lyons balances his darkly humorous short with menacing dread and whimsical charm. Callous boyfriend Guy (Christian Charisiou) leaves Emily (Loryman) to fend for herself in a dark alley. Soon the mysterious Alfred J Hemlock (a terrific Tristan McKinnon as a sinister, otherworldly being) offers her a permanent break from her world-weariness. Director Lyons' keen sense of visual flair gives the film a magical feeling despite the fact that it primarily takes place in an alley. With gorgeous cinematography, first-rate makeup work, and stunning visual effects, Edward Lyons and crew have crafted a short that cries out to be realized as a feature-length effort.”

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